I’m Daria Amai Shelton, a creative director and multimedia artist.

My skills encompass motion graphics, traditional animation, post VFX, augmented reality, graphic design, and illustration. With professional training, creative approach, and project management skills I have developed an impressive design and development record. Pushing design and collaboration are the pillars of my success.



Creative Director -
DAS Gutes Design


Art Director -


Digital Designer -


Media Specialist -
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority


Lead Graphic Designer -
International Market Centers

Awards and Recognitions

‘Cupids’ by Director Zoey Martinson, a part of 8:46 Films was nominated for an NAACP Image Awards 2022.

As part of the ‘Her and P&G present 8:46 Films’ August 30th at 8 / 7c, BET network aired ‘Cupids’. On September 4th at 8 / 7c, 2021 the CBS network aired ‘Cupids’.

I was privileged to be interviewed with Director Zoey Martinson and Costume Designer Ari Fulton for the airing along with the film.

‘Cupids’ by Director Zoey Martinson features my animation work.

Cupids is a heartwarming and funny short that explores children’s imagination and love. I created the cell animation, motion graphics, title and credits, 2021.

Receiving the highest honor, The Fisherman, a film by Zoey Martinson, I created the post VFX and compositing of the fish character, 2021.

"The Fisherman" by Zoey Martinson won best narrative short in the Pan African Film Festival. I was the VFX animator in this short film project, 2019.